Asset Finger


Coinstrat is a leading crypto platform that is dedicated to providing its users with top-quality services that allow
them to enjoy high returns on their investments. We take pride in offering our clients access to our full-scale Dual Investment Program. 

Coinstrat platform helpsinvestors earn more from yourcrypto with various features:

  • Crypto Exchange

Buy and sell crypto with fiat, fast, convenient and 0 fee

  • Earning

Compound interest up to 16% per year. Accumulate daily

  • Borrowing

Borrow stablecoin backed by crypto. Interest as low as 9%

  • Dual Investment 

Receive high APY up to 300% when placing order to Buy Low or Sell High

  • Auto Investing

Easily DCA investing with automation empowered by AI technology


Coinstrat, an eminent player in the cryptocurrency realm, has heralded the commencement of the second phase of its Airdrop Program, consequent to the triumphant consummation of the inaugural phase. An unparalleled sum of 100,000,000 $CST Tokens will be disbursed among qualifying participants.

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